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It is my honor and pleasure to write this testimonial for Mrs. Janice Oates who I have known for nineteen years. I was one of her first employees at Rikard Nursing home in Lexington, S.C. which is now called Lexington Medical Center Extended Care. She was able to turn the Food Service Department around in six months. It is amazing to me the passion and drive she has for her profession. The staff at this nursing home still keeps in touch with Mrs. Oates. She is honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous to everyone she meets. I have always believed Mrs. Oates' mission in life is teaching first and foremost, whether it is with co-workers, family, friends, church members or neighbors in the community. She is a professional leader and willing to teach, train and work with others in order for the managers to be successful. One of her basic tools is the Bible. She will tell you “I love the Lord”. She is a woman of God. She encourages others to join her ambitious and rebellious Career in Nutrition and the Food Service Industry. She is a women of strict moral values while she shares this passion and spin with the world. When Mrs. Oates speaks, she speaks with authority and conviction. She has motivated and transformed the lives of many people as they come to know their life purpose. She has pushed many people to unimagined heights in their lives including myself. I am currently a Food Service Manager in Richland School District One. I could not have asked for a more remarkable mentor and roll model. If anyone needs any help getting their business or organization in order, please give Palmetto Resource Group a call. Your Business will prosper beyond your expectations.
Bridget Campbell
Food Service Manager, Richland One School District
I have known Janice Oates since 2002, and throughout these many years, she has provided me with assistance in my career in the area of School Nutrition. Her coaching and mentoring gives me the confidence and direction I need to succeed. Mrs. Oates is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and committed to helping others succeed. Those that know her personally can attest to her strong work ethic and that is why I know her firm will deliver what they promise beyond measure.
Juliann Green
School Nutrition Floating Manager | Savannah-Chatham County Public School System
Mrs. Janice Oates, CEO of PRG supported, trained and assisted me in multiple areas to enhance my professional development. I’ve had the privilege of training under Mrs. Oates to receive top-quality skills in conducting technical assistance, compliance reviews and nutrition classes with statewide foodservice employees, affiliated with USDA Child Nutrition Programs. Mrs. Oates always has a goal-oriented attitude, strives for excellence and will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that her understudy is successful and effective. Mrs. Oates is invigorating, inspiring and innovating in her approach to training and educating. She incorporates joy, laughter, direction, support, guidance and entertainment in her instruction to keep the interest of all learning professionals. With the help and support of Mrs. Oates' expert knowledge and skills, I can proudly say that I am successful in my role as a Child Nutrition Professional--doing what I love, advocating for children and best nutrition practices!
Grushan Robinson
Special Nutrition Programs Liaison
My association with Mrs. Oates began 15 years ago with her being the Education Associate for SC Department of Education School Food Services Programs that was assigned to the food service program where I was working. I eventually left that position and came to work for SC Department of Education School Food Services Program where I not only worked with Mrs. Oates but also assisted her with the part of the program she supervised. Mrs. Oates is a natural in the role of a consultant; she is experienced and knowledgeable in health and nutrition. She has a strong customer centric approach, demonstrates loyalty and care of others in both her professional and personal relationships, involved in community events, and is devoted to her family. She has an exemplary moral character, professional work ethic, and strives for excellence in both her dealing with others as well as herself. I have greatly benefited from Mrs. Oates' mentoring and guidance over the years and would not have any hesitation in recommending Mrs. Oates.
Cheryl Sniegon, Administrative Coordinator
Division of Acute Disease Epidemiology | Department of Health and Environmental Control
Janice Oates and the Palmetto Resource Group will provide your organization with the right tools to enhance and grow your food service operation. Palmetto Resource Group comes with over 35 years of knowledge in the food service industry, which includes private business, non-profit and government agencies. Areas of expertise include food safety, personnel management, risk management and inspection/audits. Excellent resource for a new or developed food service entity. You can be assured to have all the right tools with the Palmetto Resource Group!
Angela Mosley, MPH, CHES
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
I have known the Chief Executive Officer of Palmetto Resource Group to be very passionate about everything that she does. She has the experience and knowledge that it takes to be successful in the Food Industry. She has displayed that she has the technology, the experience, and skillset that it takes to make sure that she competes with the industry’s leaders. She is someone that you can trust to make sure that your company meets its goals.
Henrietta Gadson
Fiscal Analyst, Finance, CDF | SC Department of Employment and Workforce
Mrs. Janice Oates has been such an inspiration to me in my professional career. She is a dedicated professional with great knowledge and understanding. She has the patience to help those understand and comprehend every aspect of what she is teaching. She is inspirational and dedicated to making sure that not only are you taught, but also understand what you need to know. She has one of the most professional manners of anyone I know. She is inspirational and a blessing. I met Mrs. Oates through the South Carolina Department of Education Food and Nutrition Department, many years ago. I was impressed with her dedication and professionalism at our first meeting. Later she became our school district’s state liaison. She came to our district and immediately got to work making sure that our district not only understood what the new state requirements were, but also that we comprehended how to initiate and implement them in our district. She worked diligently for hours to make sure we were comfortable and understood how to fulfill these new requirements. She not only instructed us with her words, but she worked beside us, helped us to understand what was needed, and taught us how to complete the job. With all the new regulations and changes made in the Food Service Industry, Mrs. Oates has worked to insure that she is up to date and understands the new regulations and changes. She also helps others with her knowledge to ensure that the Food Service Industry not only is following these regulations and upholding the laws, but is excelling in our service to others. Mrs. Oates is one of the most professional and knowledgeable individuals that I know. I am confident in my job and know that I am able to carry out what needs to be done to make my job a success because of the instruction and knowledge that she has taught me. Because of her dedication and professionalism I strive to reach this higher goal myself, not only in my professional career, but also in my personal life. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that Mrs. Oates has helped me, both professionally and personally.
Teresa Zorn
Assistant Supervisor Food Service and Bookkeeper | Barnwell County School District 19 and 45